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Bulk Sampling With A Borehole Miner


Borehole mining, is being used to collect a bulk sample of 1,200 cubic yards from an iron-manganese deposit in Crow Wing County, Minnesota. This site contains the largest known deposit of high grade manganese ore in North America


GeoDrilling International

Borehole Jet Cavitation

Is Breaking New Ground


Editor changed "Borehole Mining" to "Jet Cavitation" at the last minute. Such a terminology is not widely adopted in the mining industry


Underreaming of the borehole within coal seams by borehole mining caused significant increase of the filtration area. As a result, coalbed methane production increased 2-4 times


Mining Engineering

Borehole Mining: Getting More Versatile


Attempts to create a horizontal borehole mining   are about as old as the technology itself. Many attempts failed until recently. A horizontal borehole mining method is described in details


Mining Engineering

Borehole Mining -

Remote Advantages


Area of applications of BHM includes exploration, mining, environment, oil & gas stimulation, underground storage, and a few more. Several recent applications of the technology are discussed in details


Mining Engineering

Borehole Mining -


Friendly, Underused


Abandoned underground mines are dripping acid into the surface streams killing sensitive aqua-life. Only in Colorado there are over 20,000 old, abandoned mines poisoning hundreds  of miles of beautiful rivers.

Slightly adjusted borehole mining technique allows in-situ treatment of acid mines drainage. The technology is completely safe, easy to control and much less expensive than any other alternative. The West Virginia abandoned coal mine acid drainage experience is discussed


The Mining Record

Borehole Mining:

A New World Record of Depth - 2900 Feet


One of the major limitations of BHM is the depth of mining - normally 250-300m. For applications going ever lower, additional means to support slurry transportation to the surface are required, for example an airlift.

A world record deep - 1km below the surface BHM stimulation of coalbed methane (CBM) utilizing gaslift is described

Early 70s through mid 90s - over 130 BHM-related articles, reports, patents, etc. published

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